Law Office of Chad E. Murray

Logo design for the Law Office of Chad E. Murray, specializing in, but not limited to, the areas of Consumer Rights, Elder Law and Litigation.

The Key: An isometric cube shape, representing stability, the silhouette of which resembles a shield. The “M” is offset within that shape to suggest progressive, forward movement.

Daniel Fischer Photography

Logo design for Daniel Fischer Photography. Available for weddings and portraits near Rochester, New York. Monthly specials available!

The Key: A modern, Web-friendly font paired with a twirling ribbon that hints at the shape of a “d” and an “f.” Capturing the position of the ribbon at just the right moment is meant to allude to the ability of the photographer to do the same.

A 3D-printing company based out of Ontario, Canada.

The Key: The pixels drop into place to form a 3D box, to reflect the 3D printing process.

Fenix Construction Logo

Fenix Construction focuses on rebuilding and remodeling homes.

The Key: The sans serif font was chosen to represent the modern, professional style of the company’s remodels. The ‘e’ was altered to reflect the flames and feathers of a phoenix. The dot on the ‘i’ was removed to maintain a clean line along the top of ‘fenix.’ Lowercase letters were chosen to reflect the company’s friendly, informal manner.

Never Give Up

T-shirt design for musician Katie Quick.

The Key: Pairing of positive message with a musical theme.

Imagine Community Gardens Logo

Imagine Community Gardens is a faith-based organization that develops inner-city community gardens.

The Key: A leaf was combined with the “i” of “Imagine” in order to communicate the idea of a garden as minimally as possible. The concept of giving to the community is reinforced by the subtle resemblance of the “i” to that of a person with outstretched arms. The form of the logo is simplistic enough that it easily reduces to a single color and is still recognizable at a small size.

Imagine Community Gardens Website

Imagine Community Gardens is a faith-based organization that develops inner-city community gardens.

The Key: The focus was on developing a clean, news-based, informational site that is easy to navigate and easy to increase in scale.

Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market Logo

The Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market  is a producer-only farmers market located  in the heart of the Elmwood Village.

The Key: The stylized initials are intended to provide a clearly recognizable icon for an organization with a long title. The colors invoke the organic nature of the market.

Mother’s Day

Magazine ad designed for a company that delivers hometown food and goods to people all across the nation.

The Key: The images available were very low quality (not able to be printed large), so the design of the ad was restricted to the use of small product images. The aim of the ad was to market the website to customers who wanted to send care packages to former Buffalo residents.

Mosaic Buffalo Logo

Mosaic Buffalo is an artistic event sponsored by the Family Justice Center of Buffalo, an advocacy group whose mission is to enable people to live free of domestic violence.

The Key: Based on a mosaic theme, this is a redesign of the old logo. The art concept and geographic location were united by arranging tiles in the shape of a buffalo. The slogan was reworded to allude to the tile theme and to include Buffalo in the title.

Hope Center Spa Day Poster

Poster advertising a post-holiday Hope Center fundraising event at a local salon.

The Key: Exhausted holiday shopper sells the headline, while the copy explains how the reader can help raise money for a good cause while rejuvenating herself after a hectic holiday schedule.

North Forest Construction Logo

North Forest Construction provides Western New York with excellent custom finishing work, from kitchen cabinets and counters to bathroom renovations and more, at a bargain price.

The Key: The interlocking N and F demonstrate the precise angles required by quality carpentry, and also form a stylized branch, making a connection to the name of the business. The hues of olive green reinforce the “forest” theme.

Matt Urban Hope Center Logo

The Matt Urban Hope Center helps low-income and homeless individuals and families on the East Side of Buffalo. Through training courses and assistance resources, local residents achieve self-sustenance by learning job skills and receiving proper aid.

The Key: The main idea was to emphasize the theme of “hope.” The font used is Franklin Gothic, with the corners rounded off to echo the concept of “rising upward.” The sky blue complements this idea, and the dark blue represents the dependability of the organization.

WBASNY Newsletter

Quarterly newsletter for the Women’s Bar Assoc. of Western New York.

The Key: In this redesign, a distinctive use of typography was paired with an existing logo and color scheme to create a classical look for this publication.

Matt Urban Human Services Center Logo

The Matt Urban Human Services Center is the parent organization of the Hope Center. The mission of the Matt Urban Center is to improve the quality of life of residents, preserve neighborhoods, and encourage economic development on the east side of Buffalo.

The Key: Franklin Gothic Heavy was used to match the font selected for the Hope Center, although a warm color palette was chosen to differentiate the two agencies. The M and the U were linked to provide a unique element to the logotype and to refer to the center’s mission of connecting residents to available to residents.

Katie Quick: Valley Between Love

Katie Quick is a talented and creative young songwriter based in Nashville. Her music features rich vocals and sophisticated composition. Katie’s positive and thoughtful themes are a natural match with her Fingertips Program, an inspirational and instructional concert series this former teacher offers to schools.

The Key: This CD design aimed to capture Katie’s warm, down-to-earth style. Photography by Susan K. Bryant.

Jacrist Gardening Svcs. Logo

Logo design for an upscale gardening service that provides residential and commercial landscaping.

The Key: A grass green and a dark green form the basis of this natural color scheme. Tight letter spacing is applied to Adobe Garamond Pro, and the darker green is used on the outer stroke in order to set it apart from light backgrounds. (The banner is used only in certain treatments and is not part of the logo proper.)

Ring of Champions

Preliminary logo redesign for Ring of Champions Showcase, a North American prep football scouting service. Horizontal and vertical versions.

The Key: The ring, and the stars, are a literal representation of the “Ring of Champions.” Negative space was utilized to show the type of sport being represented.